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Jackie and Simon
Jackie and husband, Simon.

Hello! My name is Jacqualyn Manning, i.e. Jackie. I grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania and have remained here all my life, other than a brief period in New Jersey after college. I grew up in a Christian home attending a solid Bible-believing church (Northmoreland Baptist Church of Centermoreland, PA), encouraged by both parents and a wonderful grandmother to follow the Lord. I made several professions of faith and at times seemed to be on the right path, but my desire was still always to gratify the flesh. Unfortunately, I hurt many people and often profaned the name of the Lord I claimed to know. Looking back now, I can see how even then He had so mercifully put a hedge about me, despite my continual living for myself. Then, praise Jesus! At the age of 30, He changed my heart and put His Holy Spirit within me. He even so graciously changed the heart of my husband, Simon, around the same time. We have shared 13 1/2 wonderful wedded years and have been blessed with six beautiful children: Ariel (12), Shyla (10), Killian (8), Gwendolyn (6), Ezekiel (4), and Ceanna (15 mo.). Our sincere desire is to raise our family for the Lord and to serve Him in all areas of our life.

I have plenty of experience with children, having worked in nursery ministry since my teens and now raising and homeschooling my own family. While they are indeed at times a challenge, children truly are blessings from the Lord. My husband and I love kids and desire to see all parents look at them in the light of God’s Word. For this reason we have led parenting classes, as well as hosted family movie nights and game nights in our home church, Bible Fellowship Church of Greentown in Greentown, PA. I also enjoy working behind the scenes in ministry, planning and coordinating events, from pig roasts at our family home to a women’s retreat put on for the women in our church. God has blessed me with both a head and heart for the details.

Easter Manning Family
Jackie’s family: Jackie and Simon, Ceanna (15 mo.), Ariel (12), Shyla (10), Gwendolyn (6),                          and Ezekiel (4), and Killian (8).

While my passion first and foremost is for my own family, after that comes all children and young women. I desire to see children raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. I desire to see girls and young women looking at themselves as the treasures God made them. This world and especially our current culture, wants them to be objects of lust and desire from ages that seem to be growing ever younger. I want to instead, direct them to Christ and show them His grand purposes for women. I want to show them how they can embrace their femininity as well as their self-identity, while never dishonoring their Savior. I hope to do these things through my part in the One Voice ministry.

Women need a ministry like One Voice! There are so many hurting and broken, at the end of themselves, trying to live for the Lord but feeling all on their own. Christ gave us the body for a reason. He never intended us to isolate ourselves. We need each other! One Voice can give women the fellowship their hearts desire and the edification in the Lord that their souls need. I pray that the Lord uses One Voice to accomplish His purposes in the women of the tristate area, bringing each one closer to Him and closer to each other.

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