Anxiety and Depression

CarrieannMy name is Carrieann Harris. I am gratefully married to my dearest friend, Jim, since 2013 and have one daughter, Megan (21), who is in her senior year at Clarks Summit University in Pennsylvania, working towards her master’s in counseling degree. Throughout the last thirteen years, Jim has been a true and faithful friend. He has consistently reminded me of God’s love for me as I walked through this valley of the shadow of death. You see, there was a time when I feared every evil. I was not convinced that God was with me or concerned about my well-being. I do believe now that He was always concerned about my well-being. He was humbling me and preparing the soil of my heart to receive His true grace…real faith in Jesus Christ so that I could be with Him from that day forward.

I was raised and confirmed in the Catholic faith, yet I had no faith. I had a lot of questions, but no real answers. When I was seventeen, I went looking for God at a non-denominational bible church. I heard about Jesus offering salvation, and I accepted Him and these truths about Him and was baptized. I later realized that I accepted Him intellectually but not relationally. I did not fully trust Him, though I desperately wished I could. I lacked true saving faith and any real heart change. Twenty-one years later, after many trials, tears, and prayers; God saved me in His perfect timing…the very night my first husband signed our divorce papers. I had feared that day more than any other day, convinced that my divorce would ensure my separation from God once and for all. But as I sat at my pastor’s table, with him not even aware of what happened that day, God led him to open his bible and start reading verse after verse about His saving grace and predetermined plan to save His children and glorify His holy name. It was that day, September 14, 2012, when my heart was regenerated, and my life truly changed. It was that day, when God saved me from myself and my sins. It was that day, when I truly gave my life to Christ and began to trust Him fully. It was that day, when I was assured of my salvation. I remain assured on the basis of Colossians 1:6…that the gospel has come to me and “is constantly bearing fruit and increasing, even as it has been doing in you also since the day you heard of it and understood the grace of God in truth” (NASB, Emphasis mine).

Since that day, the Lord has been teaching me how to love and serve Him, as well as others. He has impressed upon me the importance of prayer, for He has ordained to usher in His holy kingdom through prayer and the preaching of His word. I enjoy many things, but I have no greater passion on earth than coming into the presence of God in worship and baring my soul before Him, asking for His grace and mercy in the lives of His sheep. Secondly, I love sharing with others how to find peace and fulfillment in Christ alone, for He is the bread of life (John 6:48-51 NASB). Therefore, it is my desire to see God glorified through this one voice ministry by encouraging all women to develop an intimate relationship with our Father and Savior through the torn veil of prayer, directly from their hearts to His ears, so that He may reveal Himself to them as they read His word. This ministry is necessary because God ordained that we should glorify Him through unity with Him and each other, for Jesus prayed that we may be perfect in unity, so that the world may know that the Father sent Him, and loved us, even as the Father has loved Him (John 17:23 NASB).







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