20170928_104857 My name is Becky Hogan, and I have one sister, three brothers and two wonderful, godly parents.

My whole life I have grown up in the church, surrounded by people who both teach and live the Gospel faithfully. It wasn’t until I was 12 though that I came to understand the Gospel for myself. Before then I had never thought about the Gospel in depth, nor did I have any desire or affection for Christ – the Gospel was merely a Sunday school lesson, or an after-supper discussion in my mind. However, when I was around 11, I went into 8 months or so of spiritual depression. During that time, I began to sink into an inescapable feeling that God hated me. I was overwhelmed with discouragement, thinking that God would never forgive me of my sins, that I was too bad for Him to ever forgive. One night at the dinner table, I asked my Daddy if God would ever withhold salvation for someone who wanted it very badly. He explained to me that He would not… …and that the desire to have salvation is in fact one of the first steps to being saved. I then brought my depression to my mom and my older sister, and after being encouraged by them to read my Bible and pray daily, I began to soak in God’s Word. Shortly after this, I started loving my time with the Lord. And I began to fall in love with the Lord Jesus – not how I had believed Jesus to be, but as He really is, as the objective truth of the Living Word reveals Him to be.

I have served in the Word of Life Clubs as a Gopher helper and leader (Gophers are ages 3-2nd grade. Cute name, right?!), for three years at my current church, where I am a member. I serve as a teacher in our Jr. church program with our children (2yrs. and 3yrs.) on Sunday mornings (on a rotating schedule). Occasionally, I fill in to help teach the older children. I’ve worked as a VBS leader\helper for 5 years at several different churches, and been a camp counselor for CEF summer camp. I have also served alongside my lovely momma in coordinating the children’s aspect of events that she was planning almost my entire life. Recently, I headed up the planning and coordination of the children’s program in our church’s celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. For my Jr. research project in high school, I developed, coordinated, and implemented an interactive learn and play activity land called the Mini-Kingdom for children ages 3-10. I plan to do this again this year, (Lord willing, of course).

Put simply, my passion is children. I’ve wanted to be a mother since as far back as I can remember; whether it was playing with dolls (all my girl dolls were named “Elizabeth” and all my boy dolls were called “Michael” …still trying to understand why…), holding “new babies” with Mum’s help, of course – when I was too little to do it on my own, and more recently, serving in all sorts of child-focused ministry. I am constantly praying to know God’s will for my life and have a very personal and pulling desire to not waste my life, but to live it fully for the glory of God! Being a wife and mother is something I’ve always wanted, but I would be honored to also serve my Lord as a single missionary to India, helping to end child slavery – I just want to do what would most please God and bring people- young and old alike- to understand and love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I desire to serve the woman of One Voice by helping provide a safe, fun environment for children to be in, so that busy moms can learn and grow in their knowledge and love of Christ.


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