Becoming Holy Together

The Becoming Holy Together study is about the process of sanctification in the context of Christian community. That is, it is about the process of becoming practically holy (holy in our practice) in and through our relationships with others in the body of Christ.

The first teaching of the study covered some pretty meaty doctrines. First, we laid a foundation for understanding the process of sanctification in the context of relationship by understanding that God is both fundamentally relational and essentially holy. Then we considered that although humanity was created in the image of God for the glory of God, sin marred that image and rendered humanity both incapable and unwilling to worship and honor the Lord.  We also looked at substitutionary atonement, justification, imputation, and, finally, we reviewed the basics of sanctification.

In the end, we learned that becoming holy in a bubble is not possible and that no one is sanctified in isolation. Drawing on the powerful truths that in Christ the new man (new woman) is being renewed in the image of its creator (Col.3:9) and our image bearing capacities are being practically restored throughout our Christian lives, we saw that the becoming holy process necessarily takes place in the context of relationship.  We also said that as we grow in practical holiness, our relationships will naturally become more holy, healthy, and happy.

The entire teaching is attached here. It was longer and a little more complex than the other teachings are anticipated to be, but it seemed necessary to me to lay a solid foundation for the rest of  our study. Hope you can join us on November 10, 2018 at the MBC Campus for Session 2!

Session 1


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