Foundations of a Sanctified Sexuality

This is the first of a two part teaching on human sexuality. Audio file below.

When it comes to the topic of human sexuality, teaching in the church seems to pendulum swing between biology and function. Some suggest that the only essential created difference between a man and a woman is the woman’s ability to bear children. Others emphasize the role-relationships between men and women as the only Biblical answer to questions regarding the male/female distinction. And still, others offer no legitimate answers to questions such as:

Are the created differences between men and women only biological and functional, or is there more to our sexuality?

What is the difference between function and essence anyhow?

Are the differences between men and women just socially constructed?

Do the differences between men and women go any deeper than ‘skin deep’?

Is a woman a woman at a ‘soul level’? Are our daughters? Our female friends? our sisters? Our mothers?

What about men? Are they men in an emotional/psychological/spiritual way – or just biologically? Our husbands? Sons? Brothers? Our Dads?

Finally, can we even teach the next generation what it means to be a man or a woman if our understanding of human sexuality begins with how to make a baby and ends with a discussion about submission and headship?

In this teaching, I address all of these questions regarding human sexuality. This teaching is foundational to our next session ‘Applications of a Sanctified Sexuality.’ It is in that study that we will consider what practical holiness looks like in redeemed female image-bearers, as opposed to what practical holiness looks like in our male counterparts.

*I am a complementarian. However, our leadership team and our monthly meetings consist of women that hold to a wide range of beliefs regarding the male/female distinction and what the ordained applications of that distinction are. One-voice is a ministry that hopes to build women up in the fundamental truths believed by all believers and respect the authoritative teaching of the local church regarding all secondary matters of the faith. Therefore, our study will not address the role-relationship between men and women in the local church or home.



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